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Click on the different sections below to read through questions we hear all the time from nurses who are looking to begin a travel nursing career with CRU48. If you have a question that is not covered in this section, don't hesitate to give your Recruiter a call.

 General Questions

What is the typical length of a CRU48 travel nurse assignment?
Our assignments can run anywhere from four weeks and longer in length. Depending on how fast a facility is able to resolve the staff vacancy, a nurse may be asked to extend his/her assignment.

How many hours per week will I work at my assignment?
CRU48 offers guaranteed hours on most assignments. Typically, we guarantee 48 per week but depending on the assignment it can be more.

Can I request to work in a specific city even if I don't see an assignment listed in that location?
Yes. CRU48 gets new assignments in daily. Let your Recruiter know where you would like to work and he/she will do his/her best to find an assignment that meets your needs. Of course, it helps to be open-minded and flexible about travel assignments. If you're willing to plan ahead and make a commitment, it's likely that you'll get what you are looking for.

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Getting Started Traveling with CRU48

How can I start my CRU48 travel nursing career?
To become a CRU48 travel nurse you must have at least one year of current acute-care experience and hold a current RN license. You will need to complete all of the required CRU48 documents, including an application and skills checklist. Click here to apply.

Are there any contracts involved with CRU48 or can I travel when I choose?
There are absolutely no contracts that will bind you to working with CRU48. The only contracts you will sign are individual assignment contracts. This means you can start or stop working with us whenever you choose.

How does CRU48 place a travel nurse on assignment so quickly?
Once your CRU48 application is submitted and approved, your Recruiter will send you all the necessary documents we must have on file before you can start working. At CRU48, we require all of this documentation before we will submit you as a candidate for an assignment. Ultimately, the faster we receive your paperwork the sooner we can have you working.

What about required state licensure?
You need a license for every state in which you work. Each state has different licensing rules and regulations, and most states require a fee and verification. If you current hold a nursing license in a compact state and wish to travel to another compact state CRU48 will be able to place you even faster. To find out which states are currently part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) States, visit

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Compensation & Bonuses

What will my salary be as a CRU48 travel nurse?
It depends on your specialty, experience and assignment location. We always negotiate top rates for our travelers.

When and how will I be paid?
CRU48 offers direct deposit and bi-weekly pay. So your paycheck will be automatically deposited into your bank account every other week.

Do you guarantee hours?
Most of our assignments guarantee up to 48 hours a week but some may offer more.

I have a friend who may also want to travel with CRU48, if I refer her to you will I receive a bonus?
YES! Absolutely. We offer a generous referral bonus of $500 that is paid as soon as the referred healthcare professional completes the first eight weeks of an assignment.

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Insurance & Benefits

What kind of benefits can I expect to receive as a CRU48 travel nurse?
We've worked hard to offer one of the best benefits packages in the marketplace. Our package includes: a 401(k) retirement plan; health, dental and life insurance; free housing or a generous housing allowance; free first day professional liability and short-term disability insurance and accidental death coverage; travel reimbursement; free checking and direct deposit; weekly pay; continuing education.

Can I add my spouse and/or children to my insurance?
Of course, you may add your spouse or children to your insurance for an additional premium which we'll deduct monthly from your paycheck on a pretax basis.

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Travel & Housing

What type of free private housing do you provide?
CRU48 has previewed all of the housing we offer our travelers. If we wouldn't live there neither will you. It's that simple. We have relationships with preferred housing complexes and extended-stay hotels across the country. We aim to provide you with well-appointed accommodations in desirable neighborhoods close to your assignment facility. Your housing will be in move-in condition upon your arrival, complete with furniture and utilities.

What if I can't find my own housing but I'm traveling with family, can you help me?
Yes. We can offer you a private apartment for a nominal fee. Let us know ahead of time how many people are traveling with you (maximum of 5) so we can find the right accommodations.

Can I bring my pets to my assignment?
You can bring pets to an assignment if you provide your own housing. On a rare occasion, we might be able to find a private room in an executive-stay hotel that will allow pets but there may be an extra charge or deposit for this - check with your Recruiter.

If I choose to stay with friends or family or find my own housing what type of subsidy will I receive?
Subsidy amounts depend on the area's cost of living; it is calculated on a monthly basis and paid every two weeks. Your Recruiter can give you the exact amount in your initial conversation.

Am I taxed on my subsidy payment?
If you have a permanent residence, you will not be taxed. If you do not have a permanent residence, taxes will be deducted from your subsidy. Please consult your tax advisor.

Do you pay moving costs?
We don't cover moving costs, however we reimburse mileage for travel to your assignment up to $400 each way ($800 maximum round-trip).

Do you provide me with a rental car while on assignment?
No, but since we reimburse you for miles traveled to and from your assignment, you can take your own car at no cost to you.

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Remember, if you have a question that was not covered in our FAQ section, please don't hesitate to call your Recruiter.

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