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You're valuable...
and it's about time you receive the pay & benefit you deserve.

CRU48 understands that the shorter assignments and rapid placements that come with crisis positions require more commitment. That's why we work hard to make sure you are well compensated with higher pay rates and great benefits.

CRU48 Benefits Include:

Top Pay Rates: CRU48 travel nurses consistently earn higher hourly wages than both permanent staff members and more long-term travel healthcare professionals. On an 8-week assignment with 48 hours guaranteed, that means a very generous salary!

Guaranteed Hours: On most CRU48 assignments, you are guaranteed up to 48 hours, and on some assignments, that number could be even higher.

401(k) Retirement Plan: 401(k) Retirement Plan: Enroll after only 90 days of continuous employment, and defer up to 30% of your income, tax-free.

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Quick Start: Once your application is complete, you start in as little as 2 to 10 days once you've qualified. It's that simple!

Short-Term Contracts: Your services are only required from as little as 4 to 8 weeks or longer.

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Bonuses: As a way of saying thank you for helping us represent so many talented travel nurses, we offer a generous $500 referral bonus. Once the person you referred completes eight weeks of work with CRU48, we'll send you a check

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Health, Life and Dental Insurance with Prescription Coverage: While you care for others, CRU48 cares for you with the best group insurance plan on every assignment. We offer major medical, preventative diagnostic and basic dental coverage, and life insurance. Plus, our insurance is portable, so you can take it with you if you decide to leave.

Dependent Health, Life and Dental Insurance: Qualified dependents can receive basic coverage for an additional fee. All dependent coverage charges are deducted monthly from your paycheck, on a pre-tax basis.

Free, First Day Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Free Professional Liability Insurance: This important coverage is free for all CRU48 travelers.

Short-Term Disability, Cancer Protection and/or Critical Illness Insurance: If you're able to work as a result of a non-work related injury or illness this optional coverage* provides income.

*We make adding optional coverage simple by deducting premiums monthly from your paycheck on a pretax basis.

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Continuing Education: Keeping up with the necessary ongoing education that is mandatory for nurses is not easy... especially when you're on the road. That's why CRU48 has partnered with a nationally recognized provider of continuing education. The learning materials we provide are ANCC accredited, which means they will be accepted for wherever you travel. Best of all, our resources are offered 24/7/365 through e-learning – perfect for the travel healthcare professional.

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Tax Advantage Plan: Increase your paycheck by up to 15%! CRU48 is now able to give you a daily allowance for every day you are on assignment that could add up to 15% more money in each paycheck.

That's right! It's the CRU48 Tax Advantage Plan. This incredible new benefit is available to all full-time travelers on assignment at least 50 miles from home, and allows us to reimburse you for meals and incidentals in accordance with federal tax law.

It's really quite simple. We’ll include the total amount of money you’re eligible for each pay period into your paycheck. This incredible benefit ultimately means a huge amount of extra income for you all year long! Of course, you have to be on a CRU48 assignment in order to start earning this extra money. So if you're not already traveling with us, click here to apply!

If you are currently on assignment and want to learn even more about the CRU48 Tax Advantage Plan, please call 800.347.0548 for more information. If you want complete tax details on the Tax Advantage Plan, follow this link to the IRS tax code information.

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