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The travel nurse lifestyle allows you to surround yourself with new and exciting people. You'll make lots of great friends in different cities across the country. But after a long day at work it's nice to have some privacy too. That's why we offer free private housing on every single assignment. All you have to do is open the door and settle in... we even pay for your utilities. Plus, we make sure that our housing is convenient to your assignment location so there's no worry about getting lost on your first day.

Free Private Housing: CRU48 offers free private housing in preferred housing complexes and top-of-the-line extended-stay hotels.

Travel Reimbursement: CRU48 will pay your way. We'll reimburse you for your travel to and from an assignment, up to $600 based on the distance.

Generous Subsidy: If you choose to stay with family or friends or find your own housing while on assignment, CRU48 will provide you with a generous housing subsidy. The amounts of the subsidy will vary by assignment location.






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