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to a different type of travel nursing company.

Short-term travel nursing delivers long-term career benefits. 

CRU48 Crisis Response Unit is a travel nurse staffing company devoted solely to answering healthcare facilities' crisis needs. We work with hospitals all across the country to provide highly qualified and fully credentialed travel RNs that are willing to work shorter assignments for bigger rewards.

CRU48 travel nurses have the satisfaction of knowing that, in addition to traveling to exciting locations, they are going where their help is truly needed. Their flexibility and the strength of their commitment is recognized and presented with higher pay rates. Plus, they also receive the same great benefits they've come to expect as a travel nurse with any other nurse staffing company, such as:

In today's current marketplace, everyone is looking for stability...well CRU48 nurses find that and a whole lot more. We have the resources to keep you working in the destinations and facilities you choose. You have the option to work several assignments a year or just a few. It's entirely up to you. Plus, in some cases you can be on the job in as little as 48 hours. So if you're looking to get your travel nursing career started quickly, we have you covered. As a result, you'll never have to relinquish your freedom for peace of mind in an uncertain economy.

In fact, once you're on a travel assignment with CRU48 you'll realize what a great decision you've made for your career and your lifestyle. Professionally, you'll be making a difference at hospitals and healthcare facilities that really need the help. Personally, you'll be earning a higher salary than ever before so you can afford to live the life you always want to live.

You have to get started here before you can get in, get out and get paid.

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